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Organic Grown Food Home Delivery

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Organic Grown Food Home Delivery

Buy Organic Food & See What You’ll Get!

Organic Grown Food Home Delivery Of Fruit & Veggies

Organic Grown Food Delivery & Organic Fruit, Veggie & Produce Delivery

The CSA Your Way!


Deliveries Will Be On Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday This Week…

  Organic Food Grocery List:

* Red Leaf Lettuce
* Curly Green Kale
* Sweet Spring Onions
* Red Beats w/tops
* Zucchini
* Green Bell Peppers
* Sunburst Baby Squash
* Green Beans
* Red Russian Kale
* Tomatoes
* Avocadoes Hass
* Florida Peaches
* Florida Blueberries
* Honeydew Melon
* Lemons
* Cara Cara Oranges
* Asian Pears

$60 For Everything Delivered…Click Here!

Click Buy Now Button To Order Produce

You’ll receive everything on the grocery list above and plenty of food for two weeks!  Buy now and we’ll set you on the schedule for every other week unless you decide to receive weekly deliveries.

Try Farm Fresh Organic Food, Call Now! 877-565-3239

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!   

Your New Organic Produce Delivery Of Fruit and Veggies Includes Plenty Of Organic Florida Produce

Don’t Forget To Order Organic Bread, Eggs, Grass-Fed Beef, Fresh Fish, Chicken, Rice & Raw Chocolate Too!

organic grocery store

Text Your Orders & Modifications To: 239-324-6737

(Be Sure To Include Your Name In The Text)

We’re “The CSA Your Way!”®

Organic Grown Direct thrives on producing the highest quality Organic Grown Food for today’s challenging times.  Order “fresh from the farm” and receive the finest locally grown organic produce delivered FREE to your home or office. “From The Farm” Directly To Your Door! We provide 100% USDA Certified Organic Produce.  We Guarantee our fruits and vegetables are safe from harmful pesticides and there are no GMO’s allowed on our farm!  Florida offers the best growing season with the cleanest air and water in the world.

Everything is seasonal and locally grown…schedule your organic produce delivery today!

With Organic Grown Direct you’ll receive fresh grown organic produce directly to your door. We select only the freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables for your family to enjoy. They’ll fall in love with good food,grown the right way. Imagine “Farmers Market” delivery to your home or office – and it is always fresh!

Although organic foods are natural by definition, The term. “natural” applies broadly to foods that are minimally processed and free of synthetic preservatives. At our farm, it’s always Organic!

Supermarket food contains artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and other artificial additives; growth hormones; antibiotics; hydrogenated oils; stabilizers; and emulsifiers.  THESE ARE ALL BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH!  Most foods labeled natural are not subject to government controls beyond the regulations and health codes that apply to all foods.

Organic Grown Direct Guarantees Quality! You can rest assured that your family will eat the finest fresh organic produce packed with essential vitamins and minerals from local farms with the highest farming standards…100% USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC GUARANTEED!

Organic Fruit and Veggie Delivery

Organic Food Fruit and Veggie Delivery

$60 Delivered…Click Here!

Click Buy Now Button To Order Produce

organic food

We’re “The CSA Your Way!”®

 Check out the great news video about organic CSA Florida:


Organic Grown Food Home Delivery Video

By signing up online you can receive organic CSA produce delivery in many different areas of Florida. This local produce delivery can be delivered directly to your doorstep simply by ordering organic produce online. With a variety of different payment options you can order fresh produce without having to visit the grocery store and directly charge the same accounts that you would use to grocery shop.

Online you can find organic produce delivery for Boca Raton, organic produce delivery for Delray Beach, organic produce delivery for Pompano Beach.  We also deliver Organic CSA Produce to Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Miami, delivering organic grown food all over Broward County, Palm Beach County and Dade County too.

There are many great benefits to using local organic food delivery to purchase your produce over buying regular grocery store produce.  One such benefit is you receive the “goodies” they don’t get at the supermarkets.  While “organic supermarkets” bring in mangoes from Peru, you can eat them tree-ripe & fresh off the local trees.  And, the same goes for our organic tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, carrots, onions and more… All organic certified, local and seasonal!

There are benefits for us farmers too:

Offering local organic CSA services ensures that produce can stay fresher for longer time span, because it reduces the amount of time that produce is spent in shipping. So, us local farmers can also see an impact of our hard work in the community as well. By providing the community with fresh local produce we can hear customer feedback directly and benefit the community that surrounds our farms.

Check out our past history of organic grown food and past recipes for organic produce delivery.  We deliver to all of Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Dade County.  Call for the organic grocery delivery schedule in your area: 877-565-3239


We’re America’s Favorite Online Organic Grocery Store!TM

Organic CSA Food Recipes Videos

Cooked Kale Video Recipe

Kale Salad Recipe Video:

Grilled Zucchini Salad Video Recipe

Fresh Organic Eggs & Bread!

Farm Eggs $6/dzn

organic food farm eggs


Fresh From Florida Farm Raised Chicken $5.95/lb

Fresh Farm Raised Florida Chicken


Fresh Organic Bread $6.oo/each

German 5 Seed Whole Wheat

Vermont Sourdough – Very Low Gluten


Kalamata Olive Bread

organic food Vermont Sourdough Bread

Fresh Fish!

Chilean Sea Bass $19.95/lb

Chilean Sea Bass Organic Produce Delivery

Filet, with skin

Fresh Florida Black Grouper $18.95/lb

Grouper sale

Filet, No skin

Fresh Florida Mahi Mahi $12.95/lb

Grilled Mahi

Filet, No skin

Fresh Atlantic Salmon $12.95/lb

Fresh Atlantic Salmon Organic Food Delivery

Filet, with skin

Fresh Florida Wahoo $12.95/lb

Grilled Wahoo

Filet, with skin

Florida Jumbo Shrimps $12.95/lb

spicy-grilled-shrimp organic food & Organic CSA Delivery

Organic Grass Fed Beef!


Organic Grass Fed Beef

Organic Beef Sirlion Tips $12.95/lb

Organic Beef Tri-Tips $12.95/lb

Organic Ribe-Eye Steaks $22.95/lb

Organic NY Strip Steaks $22.95/lb

  • 100% Grass Fed
  • NO Hormes
  • NO Antibiotics
  • LOW Fat
  • LOW Cholesterol
  • MORE Omega 3

100% USDA Certified ORGANIC Natural Grass Fed Beef – Delivered FREE!

Everyone knows a meat lover.  Why should they eat horrible food?  Meat lovers should enjoy beef from natural grass fed sources.  The Paleo diet, for example, needs good food like our meat and organic produce for the best results.

“I have never tasted beef so delicious in my life!  I marinated the organic sirloin tips in ground fresh ginger, garlic, onions, and Braggs Amino Acids (Soy Sauce) for about 15 minutes.  My Husband grilled it to perfection, about 12 minutes on each side on a high heat and served it medium rare.  The kids & my Husband ate the whole thing…but, I did get a little taste.  The amazing thing is, later on that evening, I looked at the plates and there was absolutely NO FAT, nothing, not even a little!  I will never feed my family that store-bought garbage ever again.”

Sirlion Tips meat is part of the short loin section.  It’s where Filet Mignon & Porterhouse come from.

You’ve never tasted anything like our Sirloin Tips Steak.  They are $12.95/lb and they come in 2.5lb vacpacks that really last a long time and taste great too! Call or email to place your order. 877-565-3239

Try Our Organic Grown Food Home Delivery For Your Family!

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