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Organic Beef

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100% USDA Certified Organic and Natural Grass Fed Beef – Delivered FREE!

Everyone knows a meat lover.  Why should they eat horrible food?  Meat lovers should enjoy organic beef from natural grass fed sources.  The Paleo diet, for example, needs good food like our organic meat and organic produce for the best results.

There are so many places to buy meat, but none that deliver it to your door!  There are plenty of sources for meat of poor quality, but not too many of the highest quality.  Try Organic Grass fed beef for all the difference…A Difference You Can Taste!


About Grass-Fed Beef:

Grass-Fed Beef is distinctively richer in flavor than corn-fed beef. This richness has made American grass-fed beef a prized treat for meat lovers and foodies around the world. Our cattle roam freely their entire lives and eat only what nature intended: grass, wild flowers, and clovers. It has no antibiotics or hormones, and it’s 100% grass-fed. This completely natural diet ensures our delivery of nutritional high quality meat, lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol, and higher in Omega 3s.



Organic and Natural Grass Fed Beef


Organic Beef


LOWER FAT/Higher Omega 3


Organic Grilled Grass Fed BeefGrilled Organic Skirt Steak

Organic Beef For Your Paleolithic Man!

The feed in the USA has become tainted with GMO’s,  soy and corn.  But our cows are raised on open grass pastures and pristine rolling hills.  There, the mountains and farmland is untouched by pollutants and we are able to tend to the cattle in a stress free environment which sustains and nourishes the surroundings and improves the soil and climate.  Old world ways bring up the best beef and conveniently brought to your dinner table.

The quality of our beef is unrivaled throughout the world.  The cattle are fed a diet free of pesticides as they are continually rotated to fresh new pastures. We are kind to our small herd and we never confine them, or treat them with antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, or any other ugly ideas that would be considered unkind!

Our herding practices are age old treasured techniques that have been handed down through generations of Gauchos and Cowboys. The mouth watering juicy steaks from our high quality grass fed beef have a consistently delicious beef flavor unlike anything you can imagine.  And tender?…Heck, you can cut our steaks with a fork!

We’re passionate about providing our customers with the healthiest and highest quality beef on the planet earth.  You want better beef? You’ll have to go to another planet to try and find it!

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Organic Grass Fed Beef Dinner

Important Pre-Cooking Instructions:

  • Due to the natural “wet aging” process that occurs inside the vacuum seal, you may notice a stronger beef odor when you break the vacuum sealed bag. This is due to the concentration of juices inside the bag and it is perfectly normal.  In fact, it actually helps to keep the meat moist during the cooking process.
  • Simply pat dry with a paper towel and allow the beef to rest at room temperature for 10-15 minutes before cooking. This will bring back its natural red-pink color and prevent the meat from
  • If you have frozen the meat never use the microwave to thaw it, instead transfer the meat into the refrigerator and allow 24-36 hours for proper thawing. After defrosting consume within 3-5 days.
  • Our Organic and Grass Fed Beef is vacuum-sealed fresh and never frozen. Our shipping system is designed to keep your beef cool to the touch for up to 72hrs.
  • Depending on when you receive your shipment, the gel packs inside the plastic liner may be defrosted. Do not be alarmed. As long as the meat is cool to the touch the product is fine, otherwise contact our offices. 

Cooking Instructions

Grass-fed beef is high in protein and low in fat. Therefore the beef will require 30% less cooking time than regular corn-fed beef. Remember that beef will continue to cook when removed from heat. Do not overcook it or it will dry-out the meat!

  1. Coat your beef with virgin olive oil, truffle oil or a light oil for flavor enhancement. The oil will also prevent 
  2. Let the beef sit covered in a warm place for 5 minutes after removing from heat to let the juices redistribute
  3. Never use a fork to turn over your beef, you will lose nutritious juices if you do. Always use tongs!
  4. Reduce your cooking temperatures for corn-fed recipes by 50 degrees. The cooking time will remain the 
  5. The ideal cooking points for grass-fed are medium to medium rare. If you like your beef well done, cook it at a lower temperature or in a sauce to add moisture.


Purdue University Organic & Grass-Fed Beef Video

Organic Beef – A Difference You Can Taste!

We strictly adhere to a sustainable agricultural philosophy.
No toxic chemicals are used anywhere on the ranches.
Special care is given to planting and growing only
the best nutritious meals for superior Organic & Grass Fed Beef!

100% USDA inspected, hormone & antibiotic free, gourmet grass fed Angus beef.  Our Angus beef  is harvested from free range cattle raised on  lush shaded pastures throughout Florida. These exceptional cattle feast on a salad bar of pesticide-free “gourmet” free range clover, wheat, oat & rye grass, millet and more…  

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WHOLESALE Organic Beef Price List 1-13

Organic Beef Bones $6.95/lb

Organic Ground Sirloin $8.95/lb

Organic Beef Sirloin Tips $12.95/lb

Organic Flat Iron Steaks $12.95/lb

Organic Ribe-Eye Steaks $18.95/lb

Vacio or Sirloin Tips

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