Frequently Asked Questions About Organic Food

Why should I use you, and not another produce delivery service?

Organic Grown Direct is currently the only South Florida area organic produce home delivery service who is also the farm, will deliver to your home or office, do not require any commitment, and allow you to customize what you receive in your delivery, based on seasonal availability.

How frequently should I receive a delivery?

For a couple or small family we recommend getting a $60. delivery every other week. From there you can change your frequency to weekly if it is not enough produce, or every four weeks if it is too much.


All deliveries are recurring every other week until cancelled in writing 2 weeks prior to your delivery and acknowledged as received and cancelled by us. Charges show on your statement as TeaNeeds, LLC. There are no returns, refunds or partial credits & all sales are final.  Call 877-832-8289 if you have any further questions.

What if I am allergic or do not like certain items?

You can let us know what you never want to receive in your box, when that item comes up in our seasonal selection then we will automatically switch it with a like item or what you specify.

The contents for your upcoming delivery are posted on our website prior to  Monday or Wednesday’s delivery.  Or, just call the office to find out more. Read More… 

Where does the produce in the services come from?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about organic food.  During the winter months, over 80% of the produce going into the services comes from Organic Florida Farms. Next, contents are sourced from outside the local region to provide the necessary varieties in your specific service, deviating from Florida in the Summer months. Neighboring small organic farms, will add more vegetables and greens and a nice mix of fruits and vegetables too!

What time will my box arrive?

Your delivery day is dependent on your delivery zip code. It is hard to tell you the exact time of day you will receive your first delivery, but subsequent deliveries will be made around the same time of day.

We love your service and what you do, how can I get more involved?

Connect with the land that grows your food and share the savings too with our *Organic-Food-Share-Program (see more below). When you recommend our Farm Fresh Organic Grown Direct service to your friends and family, we’ll arrange a special discount for all of you. Sharing and saving is simple – Learn more about our Refer-A-Friend savings or call our office at 1-877-832-8289. Share Your Farm with Family and Friends!

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*Organic Food Share Program

Organic food is something that is good for you and so, why not share it?

Our Organic Food Share Program will help you to defer the cost of your food bill and help spread the good word of organic produce health benefits with your friends and family. Here’s how it works:

  • 1 share delivered: $60. 
  • 4 shares delivered to one location: No delivery charges $50 each share! 
  • 8 shares delivered to one location: Host receives a full share at 1/2 price! 
  • 15 shares delivered to one location: Host receives their full share FREE!

Become An Organic Food Share Program Host-Call Now! 877-832-8289


What if I cannot get delivery to my doorstep because of a gate?

We have many customers who issue us gate codes or keys which our drivers use to get into a safe area or lobby to leave your delivery. Customers can coordinate by calling the office at 877-832-8289. We can also deliver to your work or a friend or neighbor’s address.

Do you accept checks? What’s the easiest way to pay you?

You may pay by any form of payment.  For your convenience we have payment buttons at the bottom of each produce delivery page and you may also setup recurring billing.

Can you come to my company, deliver there, and talk with my co-workers about introducing your services to everyone at work?

We welcome the opportunity to meet with your co-workers and delivery to your company. You may want to speak with your HR Department and perhaps they can send out a company-wide email and/or arrange a day for us to come in and share our story and explain our services.  Of course, the more shares we deliver the lower the cost for everyone.  Corporate Juicing is really popular now…tell your boss and get on board the juicing train!

How far out of Florida do you go to outsource?

We’re more than 80% local and seasonal in the winter and about 70% in the summer.  We love apples, have them every week, and source them from the cleanest orchards in the world… Same with bananas!  That’s about it,  most everything else is local and seasonal.

I’ve checked out your website and saw you have the USDA certified organic logo. Does that mean ALL of your produce is USDA certified organic?


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