Organic Food Benefits

Organic Food Direct From The Farm

Organic Food Benefits


Discover the real difference between organic food benefits and their traditionally grown counterparts when it comes to nutrition, safety and price.

Free Produce Delivery: The Only Organic Grown Food Option


The Sunshine State is home to North America’s freshest organic fruits and vegetables. Now you have the chance to receive these food goods direct to your house. That’s right, skip a trip to the market and find your fresh fruits and vegetables waiting for you at your doorstep. Not only do you get to choose your favorite foods, you get free produce delivery for the most organic food benefits too!

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Delivered to your Door

Free produce delivery from our farm to your door step. Organic Grown Direct is the only online provider of fresh organic produce. Our produce is 100 percent certified organic by the USDA. When you choose our produce you are making a healthy choice: for yourself and your family. Our fruits and vegetables are never touched by harmful pesticides. There are no genetically enhanced organisms grown on our farms. Nourish your body and have peace of mind that you’re protecting your family’s health.

Organic Grown Food
Organic Grown Food Looks and Tastes Better!

Isn’t Natural the same as Organic?

You see it every day at the grocery store: in the dairy section, even in the Organic Foods aisle. Labels like “All Natural” or “Naturally Grown.” But don’t let these producers tempt you to put these labeled foods into your shopping cart.

Natural is not the same as organic. “Natural” can be applied to foods that are minimally processed, free from synthetic preservatives or just because they don’t have any “artificial” additives. Always check the label first. Many times you’ll find ingredients you never heard of. Many times they carry sweeteners and additives that have been proven by scientists to be bad for your health! Steer clear and stay on the right track. Choose a grower that cares about what you put in your body.

Organic Grown Direct cares about Your Health and your Body

At our farm, everything is organic. No exceptions. We pick only the freshest and best foods for your family. We care about your health and what you put into your body. That’s why we only use organic farming methods. We recycle all of our resources and don’t touch pesticides—why would anyone want to poison their food anyway?

Furthermore, our livestock is also treated humanely. We believe cattle and all animals should be able to roam freely. They’re never treated with growth hormones (like rGBH) or antibiotics. This is just one more thing to think of when you enjoy your next steak or hamburger.

Buy Organic Today

Choose to live a healthier lifestyle this year. Take advantage of fresh organic produce delivered to your door from Organic Grown Direct. And for free too! Free produce delivery is just one more of the many things that makes buying organic more enjoyable!

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Organic Grown Food Is on the rise as demand from consumers increases and the awareness of organic food benefits have become realized.  A recent study has shown significant purchase increases in organically grown foods and organic produce is in the highest demand of all.

Organic Food Benefits

Organic Food Benefits Video

Organic Food Benefits 

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