GMO Update 2013

GMO Update 2013


 GMO Update 2013


Genetically Modified Food and Mosquitos?

* Genetically modified mosquitoes
* The failure of GE crops that claim to be “drought-resistant”
* The regulatory demise of GMOs across Europe
* Monsanto caught lying in GMO marketing fraud & false advertising
* News on the collapse of honeybee pollinators
* Outrageous lies of Bayer scientists exposed
* How Roundup reduces soil nutrition and leads to deficiencies in crops
* News about Dow, 2,4-D chemicals, Agent Orange, Monsanto, DuPont and more

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GMO Corn, Monsanto, Roundup and more FrankenTony news! – GMO Update 2013


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Whole Foods trains employees to lie about GMOs? – GMO Update 2013

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The Original Whole Foods GMO Video has been banned from YouTube! – GMO Update 2013


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Organic Spies conducted new surveillance operations after our GMO sting film came out. “No GMOs” at Whole Foods? Vote Yes on Prop. 37… Shot Down Thanks To Monsanto – GMO Update 2013

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This is the second video from Organic Spies that reveals a pattern of deception being repeated by Whole Foods employees.

Fact: Whole Foods sells masses of genetically modified foods, including foods made with Monsanto’s GM corn. But when asked whether Whole Foods sells GMO, employees repeat answers they appear to have been trained to say. Those answers include:

“Pretty much everything is non-GMO.”

GMO Update 2013
GMO Update 2013

“GMOs? There are a few items that do have them, but they’ve been removed.”

“I know Whole Foods is trying to sponsor a law that’s make sure everything is labeled properly… We’re backing a law with other people…” (Huh? Whole Foods has specifically REFUSED to donate money to Proposition 37 in California. Where is this guy getting his story?)

“We don’t sell anything with GMOs in it… we have very strict rules about certain things, we don’t sell things that we know have GMOs.”

“No we don’t do that. If there’s… anything that has GMOs in it, we don’t have them.”

“No, absolutely not. Because the bottom line for all Whole Foods is no preservatives, no additives, no added growth hormones, no GMOs. Absolutely, that’s for everything.”

“No nothing we sell has GMOs in it. We don’t buy any products…”

“If it doesn’t have alfalfa there’ll be no GMOs in it, that’s generally our policy. [Narrator asks “Whose policy?] The store. The company.” [“Whole Foods?”] Yeah.”

“Whole Foods doesn’t have any of the GMO products… This is our standards, yeah. Whole Foods standards. Whole Foods doesn’t have any parabens, no GMOs. No GMO product and… no preservatives.”

“I don’t think we’re allowed to carry anything with GMOs.”

“We don’t carry any GMO.”

“Uh no, that’s policy we do not sell anything like that.”

“We don’t sell anything with GMO.”

“Soy normally doesn’t have GMO.”

“No we’re not allowed to carry any GMO items. Pretty much every item we carry, they have to go through a little process.”

“We don’t carry, we don’t contain GMOs. Anything in here. We can’t carry, that’s part of our thing.”

“It’s against our policy to carry anything that’s grown with GMOs in it.”

“Everything in the store is [non-GMO].”

“We have a strict guideline that we don’t [carry GMO].”

“We do carry some, but… it’s extremely rare. And if we do it’s because it’s a different kind of GMO.”

GMO Update 2013

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